Land Rover Main Service in Folsom, CA

Main Service Procedures

  • Oil Change / Oil Filter - change oil with Land Rover approved oil; replace the filter with Land Rover filter
  • Transmission - drain and refill transmission fluid
  • Front / Rear Axles - drain and refill with Land Rover approved fluid
  • Swivel Housings - check (N/A to P38 Rovers)
  • Transfer Case - drain and refill with Land Rover approved fluid
  • Brake Fluid - replace fluid with Land Rover approved fluid
  • Coolant - check; drain and refill with Land Rover approved coolant if more than 3 years old
  • Other Fluids - check and top off
  • Door and Body Hinges - lubricate
  • Driveshaft - grease joints
  • Battery - test, replace if faulty
  • Spark Plugs - replace
  • Air Filter - replace
  • Brakes - check
  • Parking Brake - adjust
  • Under Car and Exhaust - check undercarriage components and exhaust for damage
  • Wipers - replace if torn or streaking
  • Lights - check for correct function
  • A/C and Heat - check for correct operation
  • Accessories - check for proper operation
  • Washer Jets - check, clean, and adjust if necessary
  • Steering Linkage - check for correct operation and tightness
  • Tires - rotate
  • Cabin Filters - replace if necessary (P38 Rovers)
  • Diagnostics - check for stored fault conditions, and advise customer
  • Road Test - check for other issues and advise customer if found
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