Scheduled Maintenance*

The recommended service intervals and scope of work apply under normal driving conditions and do not take into account all optional equipment.

Dusty areas require more frequent checking and possible replacement of the air filter elements.

If the vehicle is driven on very dirty roads, the radiators and cooling-air inlets in the front should be checked and cleaned regularly.

Tire, clutch, brake pad, and brake disc wear as well as the condition of the engine oil, the transmission fluids and the brake fluid (e.g. in the case of sporting events) are largely dependent on driving habits, and are also affected by adverse operating conditions; this could mean shorter intervals between servicing and replacement.

Time-dependent Maintenance*

Oil service: If the mileage for scheduled maintenance is not reached, oil service must be performed every year.

Minor maintenance / Intermediate maintenance**: If the mileage for scheduled maintenance is not reached, intermediate maintenance must be performed after 2, 6, 10 ... years at the latest.

Major maintenance / Maintenance**: If the mileage for scheduled maintenance is not reached, maintenance must be performed after 4, 8, 12 ... years at the latest.

Additional maintenance: If the mileage for additional maintenance is not reached, additional maintenance must be performed after 2, 4, 8, 12 ... years at the latest.

Proper care and maintenance will preserve the value of your Porsche and safeguard its functional capability. This will also protect your right to make warranty claims.

The terms "inspect" and "check" include all associated work such as checking the condition, adjustments, readjustment, corrections, and replenishment. They do not include the repair, replacement or overhaul of components or assemblies.

The maintenance points are valid for all vehicle types of the model line in question.

*courtesy Porsche AG
**The "Minor maintenance" and "Major maintenance" were renamed as "Intermediate maintenance" and "Maintenance" in 2009.

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