Mercedes Benz Service Intervals in Folsom, CA

Service intervals are for illustrative purposes only, your vehicle may require a different program. For a complete breakdown of services for your vehicle, please contact Foreign Autohaus directly, or ask your service advisor when dropping off your vehicle.

Standard Models  
6,500 miles or six monthsTire Rotation(2) 
13,000 miles or 1 yearA-Service 
19,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
26,000 miles or 2 years(1)B-Service 
32,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
39,000 miles or 3 years(1)A-Service 
45,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
52,000 miles or 4 years(1)B-Service 
58,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
65,000 miles or 5 years(1)A-Service 
71,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
78,000 miles or 6 years(1)B-ServiceAdditional Service
84,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
91,000 miles or 7 years(1)A-ServiceAdditional Service
97,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
104,000 miles or 8 years(1)B-ServiceAdditional Service
110,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
117,000 miles or 9 years(1)A-Service 
123,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
130,000 miles or 10 years(1)B-ServiceAdditional Service
136,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
143,000 miles or 11 years(1)High Mileage Service 
149,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
156,000 miles or 13 years(1)B-ServiceAdditional Service


Diesel, AMG and 12-cylinder models  
6,500 miles or six monthsTire Rotation(2) 
10,000 miles or 1 yearA-Service 
16,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
20,000 miles or 2 years(1)B-Service 
26,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
30,000 miles or 3 years(1)A-Service 
36,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
40,000 miles or 4 years(1)B-ServiceAdditional Service
46,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
50,000 miles or 5 years(1)A-ServiceAdditional Service
56,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
60,000 miles or 6 years(1)B-ServiceAdditional Service
66,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
70,000 miles or 7 years(1)A-Service 
76,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
80,000 miles or 8 years(1)B-ServiceAdditional Service
86,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
90,000 miles or 9 years(1)A-Service 
96,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
100,000 miles or 10 years(1)B-ServiceAdditional Service
106,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
110,000 miles or 11 years(1)A-Service 
116,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
120,000 miles or 12 years(1)B-ServiceAdditionalService
116,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
130,000 miles or 13 years(1)A-ServiceAdditional Service
116,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
140,000 miles or 14 years(1)B-ServiceAdditional Service
116,500 milesTire Rotation(2) 
150,000 miles or 13 years(1)High Mileage Service 

(1) Whichever comes first. Requires use of 229.5-spec oil and high-performance fleece oil filter. Every 10,000 miles for V-12 and AMG models. Driver is responsible for monitoring fluid levels and tire pressures between service visits. On E-Class models, see Maintenance Booklet for additional maintenance service types.

(2) Tire Rotations: this is only to serve as a guide. Should be done as recommended by tire manufacturer. On models with different-size front and rear tires, which cannot be rotated, Foreign Autohaus will inspect tires and set inflation pressure. Follow tire manufacturer's recommendations.

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