5 Tips to Show Your Car Some Love


The month of February is generally known as the month of "LOVE." All month our social media has been focusing on "showing your car some love." If your not following us on social media, go give us a follow. Let's continue on the thread of love and focus on 5 self care tips for your car. You heard correctly, self care for your car! All too often we take our car for granted and think it will take care of itself. Wrong. Maintenance is key to the longevity of your car.


Here are 5 self love car tips that sound simple but all too often neglected.


1.  Keep your car clean on the outside and inside.

  • Wash your car regularly.  Over time mud, dirt, and rain will attach to the surface of your car.  The minerals in these natural substances will cause damage to your paint job.  Its important to wash your car regularly, especially after it rains.
  • Have you ever gotten a ride from a friend, you get in the car and before you can even sit down you have to remove a whole bedroom from the front seat.  Papers, water bottles, laptop, take out container, etc.  Keeping your car clean on the inside can be a challenge, especially if you have kids or commute.  Create a habit or system of cleaning out the inside of your car regularly.  If you do have children, involve them in this process. 

2.  Rotate your tires

  • Rotating your tires will save you $$$$, and we all want to save money.  Your tires will last much longer when rotated.  Besides being a money saver, rotating your tires will create even tire wear.  Uneven tire wear gives you a greater chance of leaks in worn areas.  This can lead to a burst in the tire.  This car care practice will benefit your checking account and your safety!

3.  Keep up on your maintenance

  • Oil is the most important fluid in your vehicle.  Good oil and regular maintenance makes a huge difference in the longevity of your vehicle.  Routine oil changes help reduce the build up of debris and dirt in your engine.  

4.  Gas

  • Give your car the good stuff...premium gas.  The difference of cost for each fill-up is less than a venti coffee at Starbucks.  Premium gas will reduce the carbon build up.  Less carbon=less repairs.

5.  Replace your windshield wipers

  • It is recommended to replace wipers ever 6-12 months.  HMMMMMMMMMMMM, how many of us wait till the worst rain storm to run out and grab new wipers?? Here are the common signs you need new wipers: streaking on windshield when it rains, a stuttering sound when your wipers are on, and visible splitting on th rubber.  Tip: add a calendar reminder every 6 months to check your wipers.  

Pushing your car to the limit will only cost you money and time in the long run.  Show your car some love with these easy tips.


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