For your peace of mind please know that we will be continuing to adhere to the following guidelines at Foreign Autohaus:

- We are continuing to disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as light switches, doorknobs, handles, restrooms, counters, tables, and furniture multiple times throughout the day.
- Our technicians will wear disposable gloves while working on the Interior & Exterior of your vehicle.
- The Interior Steering Wheel, Dashboard and Door Handles will be sanitized before your vehicle is returned to you.
- All staff is required to wash hands multiple times throughout the day and after all interactions with customers.

Thank you for making us your hometown service center. We will get through this together!

Your Foreign Autohaus Team

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Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain

Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain

Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain Its beginning to look and feel a lot like RAINY season!   According to the U.S department of transportation, there are nearly 1.2 million auto accidents each year related to weather.  Most of these accidents occur during rainfall.   Here are some tips for driving in the rain: 1.  Slow Down!  Allow more travel time while it is raining.  Traffic will be slower, so don't be in a rush-it is not worth it.  Speeding while driving in the rain will cause hydroplaning.  2.  Turn on your defroster:  Turning on your defroster will prevent the windshield  from fogging up, and give you better visibility. 3.  Give extra room:  Give yourself a safe amount of space between vehicles.  The extra room will give you a better reaction time. 4.  Avoid hard braking: Slow down, and give plenty of room so last minute braking is avoided. 5.  Stay calm if ... read more


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