Auto Industry: FLEX your MUSCLES!

"Bring out the Big Muscle"

The Auto Industry is the "BIG MUSCLE" for the US economy.  Have you ever taken the time to stop, look around, and think, what your day would look like without the auto industry?  We need the auto industry! The moment we wake up to the time we go to sleep, we rely on the auto industry.  Think back to a time when your car was in the shop; was your life inconvenienced?  Did your routine look different?  Did your attitude shift?  100% it is an inconvenience! Our lives revolve around our vehicles.

Now, let's look at the auto industry from an economic scope: it is a critical component of economic growth.  Just like its a critical component in our daily lives.  The US economy needs the auto industry.  An article from Auto Alliance states, "America's automobile industry is one of the most powerful engines driving the US economy."  The reach of the auto industry extends well beyond the well-known, popular auto companies. The industry depends on thousands of companies that supply; parts, components and materials, dealers, maintenance, and fuel. There is no other industry in the United States with this type of reach in all 50 states.  It is a common thread in every state.  It is the heartbeat or as we like to say the "engine" of the US economy.  



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