Monthly Archives: July 2019

Understanding Factory Recommended Maintenance

You've probably heard the term before - factory recommended maintenance - but may not be exactly sure what this means. Most vehicle owners understand that their cars need proper maintenance and regular service to run well throughout the years, however, factory recommended maintenance isn't a term you hear as much unless you're at the car dealership.  Factory recommended maintenance is just as it sounds - it is maintenance items that the manufacturer of your vehicle recommends. These recommendations are based often times on warranty and also just on the lifetime of certain parts or fluids used in your car. These maintenance recommendations will usually be based on mileage intervals, but can also be based on time periods.  The factory recommedations will be located in your vehicle's owner's manual, but can also often times be found online or at an auto repair shop. By following these recommendations, you will keep your vehicle under warranty (if applicable ... read more

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