For your peace of mind please know that we will be continuing to adhere to the following guidelines at Foreign Autohaus:

- We are continuing to disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as light switches, doorknobs, handles, restrooms, counters, tables, and furniture multiple times throughout the day.
- Our technicians will wear disposable gloves while working on the Interior & Exterior of your vehicle.
- The Interior Steering Wheel, Dashboard and Door Handles will be sanitized before your vehicle is returned to you.
- All staff is required to wash hands multiple times throughout the day and after all interactions with customers.

Thank you for making us your hometown service center. We will get through this together!

Your Foreign Autohaus Team

Monthly Archives: March 2020

Are Your Tires Tired Of Treading Lightly?

Are Your Tires Tired Of Treading Lightly?

Performance is everything when it comes to maneuvering your car around town and on the highway. If you are looking for increased traction, steering and grip on the road, here are a few tips for you.   Check Your Tire Pressure Every month you should check your tire pressure. Even pressure on all of your tires promotes better handling, better fuel economy, and better performance all around. Remember to check your spare tire; you don't want to be stuck on the side of the road because your flat is flat!   What Tire Pressure To Use? The tire pressure listed on the sidewall of your tire is the recommendation for maximum load capacity; it might not be the right pressure to run your car as a daily driver. You will want to check your vehicle's owner's manual for recommended tire pressure before airing up your tires. You can also often find tire pressure recommendations listed on the side of your car driver's door jam.   Rotate hose Babies Although the recommended ... read more


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