Beat the Heat: Keep Your Car Cool in the Scorching Summer Months


“Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!” As the summer sun turns up the heat, we at Foreign Autohaus understand how crucial it is to keep you and your vehicle cool and comfortable during scorching days. No one enjoys stepping into a sweltering oven on wheels, so we've got some friendly tips to help you beat the heat and preserve your internal heat index in these hot summer months!


1. Keep it Shady: Choose shaded spots to protect your car from the sun when parking. If you can't find shade, invest in a windshield sunshade to reduce interior heat and prevent your steering wheel from becoming a sizzling surprise.


2. Sunblock for Windows: Tinting your car windows adds a touch of style and helps block harmful UV rays and heat. 


3. Ventilate Wisely: Before hopping in, crack open your windows slightly to allow hot air to escape. Once inside, roll down the opposite window and fan the door a few times to create a natural cross-breeze, expelling even more hot air.


4. Beat the Heat with AC: Your car's air conditioning is your best friend during summer. Have our expert technicians check your AC system to ensure it's in good shape.


5. Cool Down with Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance. Ensure your coolant levels are adequate and the radiator is clean and debris-free to prevent overheating.


Stay cool, and happy driving!

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