Best Car Commercials from the Super Bowl

Super Bowl LVI was held last weekend and whether you are a fan of football or a fan of 90's rap, the Super Bowl did not disappoint.  The Super Bowl ranks among the world's MOST watched sporting events. This fact is not shocking at all, the Super Bowl provides entertainment for all.  The burning question is, why do you watch the Super Bowl?  Is it for the love of the game? Commercials? Half-time show? Or are you here for the snacks?

A recent poll found that 52% of Americans watch the Super Bowl for the Advertisements/Commercials.  Let's take a look at the Best Car Commercials from Super Bowl LVI.

1. Polestar "No Compromises" Some would say this commercial was a little "shady." Their running theme: NO punchlines, NO hidden agendas, NO compromises, NO conquering Mars.  Hmmm, I do believe that was some shade thrown at Mr. Elon Musk.  Polesatars message was simple and clear.

2. GM-Dr. EV-il EVerybodyin   Dr. Evil has been demoted to the number two threat in the world.  The number one threat is climate change.  Dr. Evil needs to temporarily switch to Dr. Good to reduce the carbon footprint of the world by going ALL electric.  Only then can he claim his title as the #1 threat in the world.

3.  BMW-All Electric iX   The beginning of this commercial starts off with Zeus the Greek God of thunder played by Arnold Schwarzenegger announcing his retirement.  They ask where will you go?  Zeus trades his home on Mount Olympus for the calm life of Palm Springs.  Zeus and his wife Hera played by Selma Hayek are enjoying the peace of retirement.  Hera realizes Zeus has lost his love of electricity and surprises him with the BMW iX.  He smiles and says, "all-electric?" And Hera responds, "all-electric!'  BMW the Ultimate Electric Driving Machine


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