Best Cars for Grads

What's the Best car for High School Graduates headed to College?

This time in your grads life is full of lots of first.  First time living on their own, their first time figuring out how to manage their time, and the first time where they are responsible for everything!  Before they leave for college you need to figure out if your child needs a car in this next chapter of life.  Will your student need to travel from campus to home?  Will they need a vehicle for work and outside activities? Many incoming freshmen living on campus will not need a car however if they choose to get one here are some things to consider.

The top four things to consider when looking for a car for your college student are safety, affordability, mileage, and insurance. When we consider affordability, a used car will be the best option.  In a recent article in Money Crashers, they list the best affordable cars for college students. 

Let's take a look:

1. Ford Ecosport

2. Chevrolet Sonic

3. Mazda 3

4. Toyota Yaris

5.  Honda Fit

6.  Honda CR-V

7.  Toyota Prius

Safety is a parent's number one concern when they send their child off to college.  Having peace of mind that the vehicle they are driving is priceless.  It is important to check the safety ratings before purchasing a vehicle.  Does the vehicle have any safety features, collision warning, or blind-spot monitor? Mileage and cost of insurance both touch on the issue of affordability.  Will the college student be able to maintain the cost of gas and insurance on their new vehicle?  Again, do the research before you head out to the dealership.  Fuel efficiency will be especially important if the student is driving to campus daily and commuting to work.

Here is to a safe and successful 2022/2023 school year!




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