Car Wash Time!

Trivia Question?

How often should you wash your car? 

a) once a week

b) every 2 weeks

c) every 3 months

Answer: every 2 weeks

Experts say we should get a car wash once every two weeks for optimal results.  Now, this depends on environmental factors.  Living in an area with dirt roads or lots of salt (ocean) you will find you need a car wash more often.

Whether you like to wash your car at home or take it to your local car wash, we know there is nothing better than driving in a clean car.  A clean vehicle inside and out takes your driving experience to the next level. Sticking to a 2-week car wash schedule will also keep you on track from collecting "junk in the trunk" 😂. Less time in between washes will create a clean car routine.  Periodic cleaning is much easier than one big clean day!  Let's check out a local spot Foreign Autohaus uses for all our car wash needs.

Folsom Glenn Car Wash has been the leading car wash in Folsom for the past 20 years. Folsom Glenn cares about high quality and customer service.  A business that is eco-friendly and puts the community first.   Please give them a visit this weekend and get your car washed. 


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