Gas Saving Tips

How to Save Fuel While Driving

With the warmer weather approaching, Americans are starting to plan their summer trips.  AAA predicts  Americans will take 700 million trips in the summer.  Due to Covid, travelers are taking more long distance road trips.  Now pair that up with the recent fuel shortages and we need a "Summer 2021 Game Plan."

Here are 5 ways you can save fuel while driving;

1. Slow down speed racer!  Change your driving habits: if you tend to brake at the last possible second or go from 0 to 45 instantly you might want to rethink your driving methods.  That's right, experts say that speeding increases fuel consumption and decreases fuel economy.  Although every vehicle reaches optimal fuel efficiency at different speeds, gas usually decreases quickly at any speed above 50mph.  Accelerating and braking gently can improve your fuel efficiency.  Practicing this tip can improve gas efficiency by 30% on the freeway, and by 40% in stop and go traffic.

2.  When taking that cross country trip this summer, use cruise control on freeway.  Driving at a consistent speed will save on gas.  

3. Check your tire pressure!  Besides being extremely dangerous, under-inflated tires decrease fuel efficiency.  Keep tires inflated to the ideal tire pressure.  

4.  Multi task weekly errands.  Combine short trips to the bank, store, gym, school pick up; a warmer engine runs more efficiently than a cold one.  This habit will save on gas.  

5. Use Google maps or your vehicles's navigation system to map out fuel-efficient routes.  NO summer DETOURS!

Fuel efficient habits although not hard, they will take effort.  Be safe and smart on the roads this summer.  


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