Get your Car "Summer" Ready


Sunday, June 20th is the official first day of summer!  With that being said, "Is your car summer ready?" Here is our foreign autohaus "summer ready" checklist.  

1.  There will be many trips to the beach, boardwalk, mountains; be safe and CHECK TIRE PRESSURE.

2.  No A/C?? This can ruin your day in a HOT second! CHECK YOUR A/C.

3.  Summer road trips = a bug filled windshield.  CHECK YOUR WIPER BLADES.

4. The weather from winter and spring can do a number on your cars paint job.  GET YOUR CAR WASHED.

5.  Make sure you have the number 1 road trip necessity: JUMPER CABLES.

Let's focus on what we think is the most important item from this list: CHECK YOUR A/C.  With temps reaching over 100 no one can drive in a car with a faulty a/c.  Hot, hot, hot means a very uncomfortable car ride.  Be proactive before the temps become unbearable and run a quick check.  Run the a/c for a couple of minutes and make note if it is blowing cool air, room temperature, or hot air.   Listen for unusual noises coming from the a/c.  This can indicate there is an issue with the compressor. Change the air pressure from high to low.  Smell the air coming from your vents.  If there is an odd, weird smell, this can indicate you have a leak or need to change your oil filter.  If you notice you have any of these a/c issues; CALL foreign autohaus.  We will repair the a/c and get you back on the road and enjoying summer.

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