Hot Hot Hot!

Hot, Hot, Hot!  Living in Northern California we are not surprised or shocked when a heat wave sweeps through our area.  Last week temps were over 100 all week long.  During a week like that, this is definitely not the time we want our car to overheat.  Let's talk about what to do if your car overheats, what not to do if your car overheats, and how can you prevent this from happening.

First, how can you tell your vehicle is overheating?  Here are three signs that your car is overheating; the temperature gauge is rising, a weird smell, and there is visible steam coming from the engine.  

What do you do if your car overheats? First and foremost, stay calm.  Do not panic.  Pull over to a safe secure area and turn off your car.  If you are not familiar with working on cars, now is not the time.  Call roadside assistance or a tow truck.  Leave this for the professionals.  While waiting for the tow truck to arrive watch the temperature gauge.

DO NOT-keep driving.  Continuing to drive while your car overheats can cause serious damage to your vehicle.  Do not pop open your hood right away.  We recommend not opening your hood at all and leaving this for the professionals.  

How can you prevent your car from overheating?  Regular preventative car maintenance is key to the longevity of your vehicle. Do not neglect preventative maintenance.

Stay safe.


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