How to Drive in Snow Safely

Did you know January kicks off the best "ski conditions?" Skiing, snowboarding, and sledding trips are fun, but the snowy conditions can pose a problem for drivers.  If you are not familiar with driving in the snow, here are a few safety precautions to follow.

Skidding and sliding are common while driving in the snow.  The key is not to panic when this happens.  Our natural reaction is to slam on the breaks, but DON'T DO IT!  Instead, ease off the gas.  

Be prepared and carry the right supplies.  Drive with a full tank of gas, lights on, and always carry chains.  It wouldn't hurt to throw a snow shovel in the trunk too!  

Keep driving movements smooth and subtle.  This includes control of the steering wheel, brakes, and accelerator.  Look far ahead and keep a generous distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Most importantly, if a road is unplowed the maximum speed limit is 35mph.

Safety first.  It is always a good practice to check weather conditions before you get on the road.  If you find yourself in a driving situation you do not feel safe in, pull over and wait it out. 

Be safe this winter season!


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