How To Drive Safely During Winter Rains & Prepare Your Vehicle for the Winter Season

Since California is not a state known for a lot of rain, most drivers appear to “forget” how to drive when the first raindrops hit the ground. To help everyone remain safe during the rainy season, here are some tips on how to drive safely during winter rains.

Make sure your tires are in good shape.

When it doubt, bring your vehicle to our auto repair team for a visual tire inspection. If we see that your tires are wearing unevenly, the air in them is low, or that you could benefit from a tire rotation, we’ll let you know. Tires are a critical safety feature on wet roads because the deep tire tread does a better job of cutting through the water and reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

Check your brakes.

Your car’s brakes should be in good shape if you want your vehicle to stop safely and on short notice. When you hear squeaking or grinding when you apply the brake pedal, be sure to head straight to the auto repair team of Foreign Autohaus. We will perform a brake inspection and notify you of any issues or concerns we see regarding the health of your brake pads, rotors, calipers, and so forth.

Mind the slick roads.

When there hasn’t been rain for several months, the oil buildup on roads can get pretty thick. As a result, the first few hours of the first rain system can make the roads around Folsom super slippery and dangerous. When you drive slowly and cautiously, you lower your chances of hydroplaning or slipping off the road due to an oil slick.

Aim for clear visibility.

Are your wiper blades allowing you to see clearly? If they are not giving you crystal clear visibility through your windshield or rear window, it’s time to replace them. Prep your vehicle for the winter season and bring your vehicle into 

Pack an umbrella.

So you aren’t caught off guard when it starts raining, be sure to pack an umbrella in your car so you can stay relatively dry.

Know what to do if you hydroplane.

There are several video tutorials showing what to do if you find yourself hydroplaning while driving. Since watching is helpful in learning, here is a quick video showing you the best ways to safely get out of a hydroplaning situation.

Mind the gap and don’t tailgate.

Give yourself plenty of space between you and the other vehicles around you while driving...especially during rainstorms. You and your passengers will have a greater chance of avoiding accidents when you mind the gap and avoid tailgating.

Be prepared for snow and ice with tire chains.

As we have seen in recent weeks where Denver, Colorado was surprised with an early snowstorm, we could find ourselves in a similar situation. Be prepared for the rain to be accompanied by freezing temperatures and icy roads. That’s why it’s smart to carry tire chains as we move closer toward Winter. 

Schedule an appointment or give us a call if you have any questions for our team about preparing your vehicle for the winter rains and snow. Foreign Autohaus is conveniently located at 301 Blue Ravine Rd., Folsom, CA 95630. We look forward to serving you and your vehicle soon.


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