How to Maximize Gas Mileage

Cha-ching, Cha-ching! The sound you hear every time you pull up to the gas pump. Nationwide everyone is feeling the effects of record-high gas prices. In California, gas prices are reaching a record high for the second time in 2022. Breaking records is fun, but not when it affects our bank accounts. Are you asking yourself: How can I improve my gas mileage? What driving habits affect fuel efficiency? How can I save money at the gas pump?

The best place to start is...our driving habits. This is one area we can correct quickly. 

1. Slow down; it is not a race!! Avoid accelerating quickly when driving—rapid acceleration and speeding while driving will burn more gas. Refrain from braking at the last minute. 

2. Turn off your car. If you are waiting to pick up children from school or practice, turn off your vehicle—an idling car will burn gas. In a recent article, the California Energy Commission states that an idling vehicle can burn as much as one gallon of gas per hour. This can be avoided.

3. Check your tire pressure. Preventative car maintenance is vital. Be sure the tires of your vehicle are correctly inflated. Under-inflated tires will lower gas mileage. If you are unsure if your tires are correctly inflated, visit your local tire shop. They will be happy to check your tire pressure.

4. Plan ahead. Avoid several short trips throughout the day. Combine several trips into one. A warm engine is more efficient.

Small changes can make a big difference. 



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