Never Ignore these Warning Lights

What's the 411 when it comes to emergency lights??  

Emergency lights turn on during the most inconvenient times.  Let's face it, there is never a convenient time for your emergency dashboard lights to pop on.  Although not convenient, they should never be ignored.  Here is a list of the top 3 warning lights that should be taken serious.

Check Engine Light:

This icon looks like a silhouette of an engine.  It is safe to say this is the last light you ever want to see on your dashboard.  First instinct when seeing this light...$$$$$.  The check engine light can mean many things because it relates to anything having to do with the car's motor and emissions system.  It can range from a loose gas cap, to a loose wire, to a serious engine problem.  If the light turns on while you are driving, get it to your mechanic as soon as possible.  Your mechanic will be able to run a diagnostic test and find the problem.

Low Oil Pressure:  

This icon looks like a genie lamp with a drop of oil dripping from it.  The low oil pressure light can turn on for several reasons; low oil level due to a leak, or your vehicle is past due for an oil change.  Here is what to do when this light turns on;  if the oil level is low, add oil.  Call to schedule an appointment to get an oil change and check for leaks.  

High Engine Temperature:

This icon looks like a thermometer.  This icon alerts you that your car is running way too hot.  When you see this warning symbol you should pull over right away.  This can be caused by low coolant levels in the radiator, broken water pump, or damage to the radiator. Have a professional mechanic check it out and diagnose the exact cause.

If you are driving and any of these lights appear, remind yourself everything is fixable.  Rewind, everything is fixable if it is not ignored.  Ignoring warning lights can lead to permanent damage.  Always call a professional.  



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