Organizing Car Documents

Spring is on the horizon, and with that being said, this is an excellent time to talk about your glove compartment organization.

What's in your glove compartment? Do you have an organizational system? Or do you toss everything and anything into your glove compartment? There are three essential documents every driver should keep in their car. Can you name these documents off the top of your head?

Most importantly, can you locate these documents in your vehicle? The documents every driver needs while driving is a driver's license, proof of car insurance, and vehicle registration. Do you have these three essential documents in your car right now? The vehicle manual and service records are additional documents that every driver stores in their glove compartment. If you open up your glove compartment and there are documents everywhere, here are some simple and easy tips to get organized.

First, clean out your glove compartment. Get rid of any unnecessary items that do not belong in this space. Throw out all trash. Next, move on to sorting and organizing your documents. Separate documents into two different categories: essential docs and non-essential docs. Deciding how to your store your documents will be a personal preference. Keep it simple with two envelopes, or purchase a glove compartment organizer from Amazon. After creating your new organization system, following through and not resorting to old habits is key. Only store documents and vehicle manuals in the glove compartment. Customizing your glove compartment organizational system will relieve stress when locating these important documents. 

Drive safe.




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