Summer Car Essentials

Temps are rising and this can mean one thing...SUMMER is officially here! There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in your car during the summer months.  We have created a list of 10 Must-Have items everyone needs in their car during the summer.  Trust us, you definitely want to check out this list!

1. Sunglasses!!! Essential for driving when that sun hits right under your visor, no squinting here.  Have an extra pair in your glove compartment to be on the safe side. 

2. Water and Snack kit: Keep an insulated cooler in the trunk with water and snacks.  Hangry passengers are not the best company!

3. Bug Spray: You never need bug spray until you really need bug spray!  A product that is often forgotten since it is not used in our daily lives.  Bye-Bye mosquitos!

4. Phone charger: Arguably the number one item on this list no one can live without!

5. First Aid Kit: Safety first.  Check First Aid Kit before heading on your summer road trip.  Make sure all items are stocked.

6. Jumper cables: Jumper cables are your insurance, you never know when your battery can die on you.  

7. Sunscreen: Forgetting sunscreen can be an uncomfortable mistake.  Keep a bottle in the car.  Remember sunscreen left in the car for a long period of time degrades quickly.

8. Wipes:  Wipes are a good idea all year long.  

9. Sweatshirt:  The days are hot, but the nights are cool! Pack that extra sweatshirt, you'll be happy you did!

10. Blanket/Beach towel: A beach towel or blanket is perfect for that spontaneous pull off the side of the road and sit by the ocean moment.

Happy and Safe Travels!


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