The Pros & Cons Of Maintaining Your Older Vehicle Or Buying A New One

At times, and particularly with foreign automobiles, car owners come to a crossroads about whether to maintain their foreign car, or ditch it for something new and shiny. We thought we’d discuss some of those pros and cons e all face, and make our argument for both cases.

Maintaining your current car: The Pros

“It’s cheaper than a new car.” No matter how you do the math, a well-maintained vehicle saves you money in the long run. When you are diligently, honestly committed to keeping your car in good shape, it can thrive and carry on for years. Gone are the days when most cars never make it to 100k; nowadays, the goal is 300k.

“I like this car!” If you maintain your current car, you are keeping up with a car you already know and can function well in. If you are getting regular service for it and getting any issues and worries looked into directly, then you have a good relationship with a car you’re accustomed to. Don’t blow a good thing.

Maintain your current car: The Cons

“It’s a money pit I’ll never get out of.” This comes from people who generally have done one of two things: they’ve had a few bad accidents in their car that have set it back, or they have not really kept the proper level of proactive, preventative care they should have. 

“Fixing this car is only postponing the inevitable collapse.” It’s a nihilistic concept, but it’s true-- and true of ALL cars. They can only go one direction, really. You can’t stop it. But with service and vigilance, you can slow it down.

“It’s seen better days.” This may be true. You’ve been driving it and it may have been in accidents that have given your car trauma. Just like the brain remembers trauma, so does the framework of your car. It can cause subtle shifts and offsets that may make errors in your car more likely as time goes on.

Going for a new car: The Pros

“This new Mercedes is soooo shiny…” New cars are just so wonderful. They are beautiful and edgy. They make a statement about your wealth and position in the job market. They even smell perfect. They have even been known to attract partners, when you’re younger.

“I deserve a car tuned to today’s technology!” With a new-model car comes cool new features and technology. And in the last decade, Bluetooth technology has been a huge enhancement, as well as internet access directly through your car into your car’s display system. For this reason alone, getting a new car sells itself.

“I bought my current car when my life was simpler…” A more utility-based car for your current lifestyle needs is an excellent reason to consider buying a new car.

“I can drive this for a few years without the major problems of my old car…” This is, of course, because the new car you’re pining for hasn’t met you yet, or the road, or the elements. A new car runs well for the first few years, true, but that’s only if it encounters no accident damage in that time, or no extreme weather situations that may wear it down unexpectedly. 

Going for a new car: The Cons

“This costs WHAT?!?” The price of all that new shiny is high. It will take most drivers years to pay it off. And that can get in the way of a lot of other living expenses you might need to address, like moving house.

“Won’t I just be doing this same dance in a few years with the new car?” In a few years, you may begin to encounter the same problems they had with their old car… plus, you’ll still be paying off on a car note.

The conclusions we can see from these choices are that if your car has met some hard times and you have not been diligent about caring for it, or it has been in an accident, it may be time to consider buying a new car. An upgrade could add things to your commute and could be a better fit with your current lifestyle from when you got the car originally.

But remember: a new car is not an escape hatch. It’s debt and it’s can be a repeat of the exact situation you are in now. If you intend to buy a new car, or lease one, you should plan with your mechanic for the life of that car in advance. 

In the 1970’s and 1980’s most cars were only intended for 100k miles before they began to fall apart. Nowadays, service centers plan with their customers for kind of preventative maintenance that can take a car-- weather and accidents notwithstanding-- to 300k.

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