Why Are Fluid Exchanges So Important?


Many car owners question the need for fluid exchanges at the frequency the factories recommend. After all, if your car’s fluids are topped off, there’s nothing to worry about, right? 

Well, yes and no. Yes, having the ideal levels of fluid in your vehicle is important, but so is the cleanliness of the fluid, the fluid’s viscosity, and if the fluid has increased acidity. That is why the Foreign Autohaus auto repair team wants to talk to you about fluid exchanges in your European vehicles.

There are a number of fluids that help lubricate and hydrate your vehicle. But before we get into what those fluids are, we invite you to think about all the fluids running through the systems in your own body. You have blood, saliva, bile, digestive acid, water, and more. If you didn’t have all of those fluids within your body flowing, secreting, and flushing properly, your body would get sick, correct?

Well, a German automobile is built with various systems that include the brakes, the transmission, the engine, windshield wipers, and more. If your European vehicle’s fluids were not flowing and working properly, your car would perform poorly, wouldn’t it?

So, let’s take a look at the various fluids your German vehicle requires and why fluid exchanges are so important to protect the lifespan of that car.

Oil change service -- This is the main fluid most drivers pay attention to. Motor oil is the lubricant your engine needs to tolerate the heat caused by the friction of moving parts. Your Owners Manual will tell you how often your vehicle will need an oil change service, but a lot of times the frequency is based upon your driving habits. Ask the team at Foreign Autohaus to recommend an oil change schedule for your European car.

Brake fluid service -- Your brakes are your top safety feature, so you need to make sure the brake fluid is in good condition, topped off, and not leaking. Otherwise, you increase your risk of not stopping in time to avoid a collision. Be sure to get a brake fluid exchange when recommended.

Transmission fluid service -- Regardless if you drive a manual or an automatic transmission, your vehicle requires factory-recommended transmission fluid exchange. If you use your vehicle to tow a U-Haul, a camper, or a trailer, the transmission undergoes added stress. Be sure to check with your Foreign Autohaus team so plan out when your German vehicle should need a fluid exchange for the transmission.

Radiator fluid service -- The coolant in your radiator is what keeps the temperature under control. But over time, that coolant can become acidic and start eating away at the metals in your radiator system. Again, your auto repair team at Foreign Autohaus can check your radiator fluid and recommend when your vehicle needs a coolant exchange.

Power steering fluid service -- Sometimes we think we can go without power steering fluid service because people assume you can still drive without power steering. While that may be true, if you are not used to manhandling your steering wheel and you want your steering to remain highly responsive, be sure to get power steering fluid service when it is recommended. Your car will thank you, and so will your shoulders.

Air conditioning refrigerant service -- The air conditioning refrigerant, formerly known as freon before it was banned in California, is what keeps your air blowing cool. A recharge is what your vehicle will need every so often, especially if the temperatures are high or if there is a leak. Leaks are not a good thing, for it’s bad for the environment and it reduces our ability to remain cool. If your air conditioning system is blowing hot, ask our auto repair team for a full inspection and see if there are any leaks that need to be addressed before we deposit more A/C refrigerant into your system.

Windshield washer fluid service -- This may sound silly, but windshield washer fluid is most people’s favorite automotive fluid. If you have gunk on your windows, toggle the switch and let the windshield washer fluid clean them up. If the windshield doesn’t get clean the first time, run it a couple more times until you get better visibility. However, the more you use your windshield wiper fluid, the lower your fluid goes. So, be sure to have our auto repair team top off your windshield wiper fluid or exchange it if it's somehow getting dirty.

The team at Foreign Autohaus in Folsom will be happy to provide maintenance service for your European vehicle so your car has all the proper fluids it needs to remain dependable. Schedule an appointment or give us a call if you have any questions. Foreign Autohaus is conveniently located at 301 Blue Ravine Rd., Folsom, CA 95630. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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