Cracked Windshield

Did you know that 42.4% of Americans ignore this vehicle repair? Can you guess the neglected repair? Utires conducted a survey and found that a cracked windshield was the number one neglected to repair. Most people admitted to waiting 30 days or longer to replace their cracked windshield. It is hazardous to drive with a cracked windshield. Neglecting a cracked windshield can lead to several potential issues. Your vision is obstructed while driving with a cracked windshield. This can lead to a rise in accidents, especially in severe weather conditions. A cracked windshield increases the glare from sunlight and lights at night, preventing clear vision. A damaged windshield increases the risk of ejection when in a car accident.

Another problem that can occur is the airbag not deploying correctly during an accident. The windshield acts as a barrier to keep the airbag in place; a cracked windshield lessens the effectiveness. Neglecting a cracked windshield can lead to more damage over time. Extreme temperature changes and moisture can lead the crack to spread. If the crack becomes too large, repairing the windshield may not be possible. Addressing a cracked windshield as soon as possible is important to ensure your safety and prevent further damage to your vehicle.

Drive Safely.

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